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Our professional team provides custom made strategy to match your needs. We provide all you need for your company.

Software development, maintenance and consultancy services

IT consulting services include software development and system integration to help organizations or SMEs easily manage their businesses

Event management and PR services and production

Techture’s one-stop exhaustive event management here to turn all your virtual ideas into real events.

O2O Marketing

O2O marketing strategy provides a more personal experience by bringing people from your online networks to offline networks. 

Online and mobile application

We understand the complexity of realizing creative ideas. We possess superb technical team in building iOS and Android apps.

E-commerce solution for multi-channel Knowledge-tainment and sales service

We provide a comprehensive content e-commerce TV platform. Backing up by the Artificial Intelligence, we aim to provide the most customized videos that you love, making your favorite media for knowledge-tainment.

TLive Box Interactive Projection Technology Product

The TLive Box product uses unique optical technology and high-definition cameras to achieve high-quality projection effects in real-time transmission. It can project human images from reality to anywhere, allowing users to interact in real-time with real human images, and even virtual digital humans in a variety of forms.

This product can be applied in various situations, such as business presentations, artistic performances, virtual meetings, etc.It can help customers enhance business presentation effects, improve consumer retail experiences, and provide viewers with an immersive and unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us.

Virtual Digital Human Customization Service

Using AI technology to generate celebrity avatars and virtual idols, we help clients create a wider variety of interactive and entertaining content for users, providing more economical and extensive marketing solutions for their brand.
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Make every
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Create more meaningful prospect interactions with content experiences that provide immediate engagement insights.